Sunday, August 1

Do not assume

I was stuck in a meeting a few days back when I heard the conversation between a few people I know. This particular person who is known for her passion for talking was rather self absorbed and quiet. She was quite and seem to be preoccupied with the reading material. All of us at that time knew she was undergoing some problems as her dad's health is deteriorating. She was badly affected. I couldd hear the following conversation:-

Miss a:  You know miss b you have to learn to let go. You shld pray hard that your dad goes fast and easily.

Miss b:  Kept quiet and just looked into space

Miss c:  Yeah you shld let go ..may be that is the best

I just sat there and kept quiet. I have been in that situation and yes it is easy for one to just say let go when it doesn't involve his or her dad. Sometimes it wld be helpful to be just there for the person. Don't just assume what u think is good for you is also good for others. When it comes to losing an important person in your life......others should just shut up.
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