Thursday, June 17

managing people is never easy

Oh boy for the past few years I have been drained. Managing a group of people can be taxing and challenging for me. It drains the energy out of me….every single day when you have to deal with people's feelings, attitude, behavior and so forth.

May be I am not a people person, hence that explains why managing people can be stressful for me, working or doing things alone is what I prefer most because at least you can control most of the things that are coming your way. If mistakes are made, you take charge because you are in control of yourself. When mistakes are done by do you react to that? How do you put your points across to the other person that he or she had made a mess and he/she screwed up “big time”.

Arrgghhhh, I really hate to be that “bad” person to always have to point the mistakes and the mess. At the end of the day, I feel crappy when I am forced to be hard and forceful in order to say my peace and get them to clean the mess.

When I am mad and upset, hell brakes loose and I know I can be very strict and direct.

I dunno sometimes I feel the more cool and relax I try to be, it never works! Someone I know told me that it doesnt matter how you handle it or mad....what's important is the results you produce...:)

I guess I need to count to 100 or even more when I decide to say my “peace” and get things done! Everyone has their own way in getting the plans executed smoothly. I really need to read all the management books I can get my hands on…may be  the anger management class would help.

Oh well, life goes on..that's life….have a good weekend y’all.

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