Sunday, January 18

Movie Review - The Women

When I was on my 2 week break, I managed to catch up on a few movies, I didn't really fancy the latest movie starring Keanu Reeves entitled "The day the earth stood still", the movie is about aliens making their way to earth with a mission to protect the earth from humans they believe are very destructive. Way too much for me but as usual Keanu Reeves never seem to disappoint me la kan...heh!
Apart from the movie about aliens and Keanu Reeves, I managed to complete The Duchess, Mama Mia, The Deception and a few more. One movie worth mentioning here is the movie "The Women".....starring Meg Ryan (my fave!), Annette Bening, Jada Pinkett Smith, Debra Messing, Eva Mendes, Candice Bergen and many more talented actors. I strongly recommend this movie to all my female friends. The movie has a little tinge of romance, comedy, drama and I felt it did also touch on the importance of sticking to what one believes in especially when it comes to one's principles and moral values. The importance of having true friends no matter how life treats a woman. Friends should stick together thru good and bad times. After watching "The Women" it made me realised even more that when one intends to settle down, one should marry someone who is also his or her best friend. Let me see, do I have a best friend who is male and single?! Wonder whether it's too late..hahaha...just kidding:D

The synopsis of "The Women" can be found here. Do check it out....:)

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ruby ahmad said...

Happy Valentine's Nour.

Oh ok The Women. Noted. I watched 'Taken'. I thought we could learn a lot from that movie about safety & traveling. But it is action packed thriller.