Friday, December 5

Nasi Padang, Senayan City and a wedding!

the bride and groom taking their seats.

the entrance that leads to the pelamin

that's the pelamin

the lay out of the reception

Once we reached the hotel area which was located in Jakarta Selatan, we had our dinner at our normal favourite restaurant, “Nasi Padang Sederhana”. As usual, my must have list would include the ayam pop and sambal terung! Sedap sehingga menjilat jari. My dad, sis and me have been to Jakarta a few times, pretty much familiar with Jakarta but not my brother who was a little at lost for the first few hours. Lepas tu dia lagi pandai dari we all :-P

My cousin’s wedding was scheduled for the following night at Masjid Al Bina in Senayan. The drive to the masjid took us about 10 minutes, itu pun due to the machet if not we would probably be there in 5 mins right on the dot. Again the culture was different, as expected we were supposed to mingle. Spread of food can be located in the few islands around the area. The pelamin or dias was extra long as compared to ours. We had to queue to greet the bride and groom. The only thing I spotted is the heavy head gears the couple were wearing I asked my cousin….is that heavy?? He nodded and said Beraaaaaaat!! Found out later that the bride fainted twice due to the heavy headgear and poor air ventilation. Oh boy, one thing’s for sure if I do get married, you won’t be seeing me with that headgear..hahahah :D

Shopping spree for me in Jakarta would be buying original CDs of Indonesian artiste. Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate Malaysian artiste, but I still think that the songs they produced in Indonesia is to my taste and I think they are very talented and the songs composed are just to good to ignore. Again this time round, I got a good collection of CDs of talented bands and singers.
my fave hang out, Senayan City.

fave food, bakmi GM, lurve the fine noodle..yummy!

I love Senayan City sooo much. I was there the whole day but couldnt believe it that I didn’t get to really check out the other mall on the opposite called Plaza Senayan., the biggest mall I have seen so far. Told my sis, I am definitely going to back to Jakarta soon to check out Plaza Senayan..Haha! Also did another round of shopping at ICT kuningan to check out the latest DVDS that cost abt 7000 Rupiah per unit (RM2 plus)...and was shocked to note that CLEAR gila!

that's the kids toilet in Senayan City

infront of the hotel

me and my bro and dad checking the tokos in Senayan City.

By the way, I finally went through with my plans! I will be starting year 2009 with a new job! Yesss....time to move on eh…..:)

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